Importance of English Language in Arunachal Pradesh

English is the official language of Arunachal Pradesh. It plays an important role in the daily life of Arunachalee people. Learning English Language can help an individual grab new career opportunities. It enhances one’s ability of communication skills. Therefore, it is highly recommended that everyone should give importance to English to make life easier, convenient and competitive.

Arunachalee’s do not have any choice of the medium of language at Government & Private Offices. The official correspondence are done in English language. Press releases, official declarations, Laws and all the other minutes of official meetings are published in English language. Not only this but also, the questions for the internal job promotions are all set in English. Therefore, it is mandatory for the office staff to have sound knowledge of both speaking and writing skills.

It has been observed that most of the companies do hire the candidates who has excellent knowledge of English language. it can help everyone  and obtain more career opportunities. Sound knowledge of English is a top priority for job hunters. It is an elixir for all the job seekers for appearing in competitive exams too.  In a nutshell, English decides what kind of life we shall have in future!!

English is the International language so it helps a lot when we visit different countries. Anyone with good communication skills in English can be a good host or entertainer of a show.  Knowledge of English can help us read and understand books. Reading book makes us knowledgeable and smart. It gives lot of confidence. Therefore, English language helps us to communicate,interact and mingle with people easily.

To sum up English is not only just a language but also a key to success in life. Anyone who wants to be confident, has an inspiring personality and successful life should find an institution or a tutor who can help you learn the basic as well as motivate you to fall in love with English.

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